Music Release


MUSIC TODAY Untitled (To be released) 1997 Poorvi
MUSIC AND ARTS GROUP Untitled (To be released) 1997 Gavati, Tilak Shyam
CRESENDO Untitled (To be released) 1997 Enchanting fusion of Classical and modern music
INDIA MUSIC CLUB The best of the Lord 1996 Gavati, Des, Pahadi, Bhairavi
PAN MUSIC Golden Kritis of Vishwa Mohan Bhatt 1996 Compositions of V.M.Bhatt
MUSIC TODAY Meghdootam 1996 Compositions by V.M.Bhatt sung by Kavita Krishnamoorty and A.Hariharan in Sanskrit language
ZEE MUSIC Vishwa Veena 1996 Jogeshwari, Jaijaiwanti, Manj-Khamaj
MAGNA SOUND Song of Nature Part-II 1995 Compositions of V.M.Bhatt
MUSIC TODAY Romantic Raaga 1995 Maand Dhun
T-SERIES Maestro's Mehfil 1995 Des
H.M.V. Instrumental Trio 1995 Folk tunes from different States of India, Ragas Hemant & Basant, Dhun Mishr Bhairavi
MUSIC TODAY Music for relaxation 1995 Compositions of Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
H.M.V. Mohan Veena 1995 Shyam Kalayan, Rageshwari
TIPS Jugalbandi 1995 Rageshwari
VENUS Mohan Veena 1995 Ahir Bhirav, Hemant
CRESCENDO Chaturang 1995 Madhuwanti, Nat Bhairav
T-SERIES Lure of Desert 1994 Des, Megh Malhar, Dhun in Vrindavani Sarang
RAGASHAN PATRIKA LTD. Geet Govindam 1994 Compositions in Sanskrit language blended with Rajasthani Folk and classical music.
CRESCENDO In Harmony with son Salil V. Bhatt 1993 Bihag, Gujari Todi, Rajasthani Dhun (Hichki)
MUSIC TODAY Jugalbandi 1993 Gorakh Kalyan, Yaman, Dhun Maand
H.M.V. Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt 1992 Jog, Madhuwanti, Dhun, Khamaj
MAGNASOUND Guitar-a-la-Hindustan 1992 Kaunsi Kanhra, Tilak Kamod,Chandrakauns.
MAGNASOUND Song of Nature 1992 Composition
T-SERIES Raagas Morning to Midnight 1992 Hem Bihag
CONCORD Pt.Vishwa Mohan Bhatt 1991 Gavti, Kirwani, Des
T-SERIES Galaxy of Strings 1990 Hem Bihag, Bageshri, Dhun Phadi
H.M.V. Enchanting Folk Melodies 1989 Folk melodies of different states of India
C.B.S. Golden Trio 1989 Yaman, Nat Bhairav
C.B.S. Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt 1988 Bihag, Nat Bhairav, Dhun
H.M.V. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Shashi Mohan Bhatt 1977 Madhuwanti, Hemant
H.M.V. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt 1971 Rageshri, Des


SUR INTERNATIONA (U.K) Untitled (To be released) 1997 Yaman Kirwani
OCORA (FRANCE) Untitled (To be released) 1997 Instrumental Trio, Rag Rageshwari.
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS Untitled (To be released) 1997 Duet with son Salil.V.Bhatt on the Mohan Veena. Raagas: Bihag, Bhoopali and Kirwani.
WATER LILLY ACCOUSTICS Untitled (To be released) 1997 Duet with Mexican Guitar player David Hidalgo.
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS Sultana 1997 The first ever combination of Indian and Arabic music . A scintillating duet with Arabian 'ouch" player Simon Shaheen.
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS Silk Jade & the Begging Bowl 1997 The ever fusion of Indo-Chinese music. Jugalbandi with Chinese 'Erhu" player Jei Bing Chen.
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS Tabula Rasa 1996 A rare combination with American 'Banjo' player Bela Fleck.Nominated for GRAMMY AWARD IN 1997
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS Bourbon & Rosewater 1996 Jugalbandi (Duet) with American Dorbo Guitar player Jerry Duglus
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS Mumtaz Mahal 1995 Fusion with American country music singer Taj Mahal.
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS Gathering Rain Clouds 1995 Miya Malhar, Gavati.
MANTRA MUSIC Explorations 1995 Bhairavi, Des
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS A Meeting by the river 1993 Magnanimous fusion of Indian and American music, went on to win the GRAMMY AWARD IN 1994
WATER LILLY ACOUSTICS Sardamani 1992 Composition of various Ragas
RAGA RECORDS Vishwa Mohan Bhatt 1989 Bihag, Des, Kirwani

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